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Business Ethics Essay

Business Ethics

Handling the Situation

The task of generating a potent ethical standards program will encompass significant issues concerning the entity. The first initiative addresses the ethical culture existing in the organization. Contemporary research endeavors point out that the ethical climate of a firm projects a considerable impact on the activities engaged in by the sales force (Jaramillo, Mulki, & Boles, 2013). The perception of individual sales persons relative to a business’ ethical standpoint determines the levels of commitment to quality service. Some prevailing literature suggests that the ethical landscape does not present a direct influence on performance. However, it results in indirect effects on output when individual loyalty to excellence as well as company obligations are viewed as intervening variables.

The current situation provides that there are numerous factors to think about when embarking on the development of an ethical standards initiative as well as selling this idea to colleagues. This is critical towards attaining support from team players and by extension, soliciting enthusiasm and positive belief for presented recommendations (Jaramillo, Mulki, & Boles, 2013). This requires for a strategic approach and careful assessments on prevailing programs as well as arising ethical issues. The preferred approach towards this end will take into account FTC accredited standards (Jaramillo, Mulki, & Boles, 2013). Additionally, critical thinking and impact assessments concerning associated stakeholders remain essential towards attaining and maintaining a balance where the program is not only viable but also useful.

Existing Ethical Issues

The issue at hand manifests a number of ethical concerns relative to the case study. Firstly, the question of account modifications which serve to profit some sales representatives with greater w

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