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July 10, 2021

Retention Management Case Study

Case study must be a minimum of 3-4 pages of original discussion and analysis, not counting the title page, reference page, figures, tables, and appendixes. The statements in each Case Study must be supported by at least 1 scholarly reference, cited throughout the narrative and placed on the reference list in the APA format. Wally’s Wonder Wash (WWW) is a full- service, high- tech, and high- touch car wash company owned solely by Wally Wheelspoke. Located in a midwestern city of 200,000 people (with another 100,000 in suburbs and more rural towns throughout the county), WWW currently has four facilities […]
July 10, 2021

Communication Portfolio A1W2

Assignment: Communication Portfolio Assignment – LinkedIn Profile Our written and oral communication skills help to cultivate a professional image. In week 1, you prepared an introduction video or voice thread using the software tool Kaltura. Having a public, professional profile using online tools such as LinkedIn is another way to present yourself to prospective employers and to people with whom you desire to network. Oftentimes, people use these type of profiles to generate a perception of your professional image. As you begin this Communication Portfolio Assignment, remember that your public profile will contain more detailed and specific information to support […]
July 10, 2021

Federal Reserve And The Great Recession Analysis

Choose 1 of the following topics related to the Great Recession: The housing price bubble, collapse, foreclosures, bailout of underwater mortgages Subprime mortgages and derivatives, bailout of FNMA, Freddie Mac and AIG The banking industry crisis, bailout of commercial and investment banks Write a 350- to 700-word analysis of 1 of the following corrective actions taken by the Federal Reserve as a result of the crisis: Quantitative easing Purchase of toxic assets from financial institutions Paying interest on reserve balances Address the following in your analysis: Actions taken by the Federal Reserve to mitigate the crisis How the corrective action […]
July 10, 2021

Business Law Learning Assignment

Background Facts You Need To Know: Connor, Ali, Madison, and Sam recognize an essential early step in creating Clean-N-Shine (‘Clean”) is to agree on a business organizational form and clarify the owners’ roles because each has different priorities, interests, and expectations about the business. Businesses are created in one of several organizational structures or forms. Choosing a business structure involves several factors, including which structure is most favorable for the company and its owners. The goal for Clean is to minimize legal risks and liabilities, as well as tax liabilities, for the owners and the business. The owners understand a […]
July 10, 2021

Business Finance Discussion Post

Results of the Research Project Part 2 As an initial response to the discussion topic please create a Power Point presentation of 7-8 slides plus the title slide that contains the main results of all questions part 2 of the Research Project. These slides should include your recommendations, with supporting rationale, as to whether the assigned company’s recent trend in financial and stock performance is of sufficient financial strength to warrant entering in a long-term investment in bonds and/or stocks if the company. on the financial strategy of the company, how to best balance THE COMPANY’S financial leverage to optimize […]
April 19, 2021

write an 6-8-page research synopsis paper of your choice on an African American leader

Myrlie evers-williams topic Research Paper: Each student is required to write an 6-8-page research synopsis paper of your choice on an African American leader (with professor approval). Again, please note that neither the coversheet or reference pages can be counted towards satisfying the 6-8-page requirement. Students must get approval from the professor regarding your selected leader no later than February 8 th . Each paper must discuss the ideology of the leader chosen, their impact upon America or their community, as a whole, and the African American struggle for social and political equality in particular. One must consider certain questions: […]
November 1, 2019

Apply the resource-based view to Zipcar’s business model to show how information resources may be used to gain and sustain competitive advantage.

QUESTION 1) Apply the resource-based view to Zipcar’s business model to show how information resources may be used to gain and sustain competitive advantage. QUESTION 2) Disc us s the synergy between the b us iness strategy of Zipcar and information technology. QUESTION 3) What network effects are part of Zipcar’s strategy? How do they add value? QUESTION 4) As the CEO of Zipcar, what is your most threatening competition? What would you do to sustain a competitive advantage? Need At -least 100 words for each question. Do you need high quality Custom Essay Writing Services?