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Business Development,Monitoring and Evaluation

Business Development,Monitoring and Evaluation


The learnings and experiences that I have acquired
from the course have been very influential in my potential to decide and
conduct future business endeavors, most importantly, the interaction that I
have had with the renowned entrepreneurs who came to class to give us insights
on how to conduct ourselves in the world of entrepreneurship. After getting the
detailed and valuable insights and listening to shared insights by the
entrepreneurs in class, some ideas grew in me regarding the best business
opportunities that in which I would risk starting a business today. Ideally, if
I were start a business today, I would start a coffee shop. In terms of the
industry, the coffee shop is expected to operate within the beverages industry.

Type of Business

A stipulated above, my ideal business to start would
be a coffee shop situated in an area where the human traffic is immense. The
idea of starting a coffee shop is influenced by a gradual research that I have
been conducting in class regarding the industry that still contains a gap for
investment and that would easily grow if the necessary business measures are
taken. Further, the decision is influenced by my assessment that I have been
conducting regarding the beverages sector where consumers are substituting the
carbonated drinks for alternative drinks such as coffee and tea.

Planning, Expectations and Preparations

The process of initiating

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