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Business Crime Essay

Business Crime

  • Crimes That Harm Business versus Crimes Committed by Business

The gist of the matter is that it is the persons mandated by shareholders who instigate the commission or omissions that lead to criminal outcomes (Cullen, Cavender, Maakestad & Benson, 2014). When a business entity is slapped with fines aimed at executing justice to a bereaved society; it is the shareholder as well as other persons who were not in any way privy to a criminal outcome that pay for such penalties. This essay seeks to argue that it is persons tasked with overseeing an entity’s operations that commit crimes that tend to harm business.

In many instances, it is common to find that when a corporation is duly convicted of criminal offenses, its leaders and executive members simply go unpunished. A good example is infamous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which occurred in 2010 where Halliburton, the corporation in question was charged with the ruin of crucial evidence of the case (Krauss, 2013). The outcome of this particular court process was Halliburton being directed make good to a 200,000 dollar fine. The magnitude of the environmental and social damage was immense and for such a big corporation to pay such a paltry fine and also gain i

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