(answered)BSBMGT517 Assessment 1 BBQfun Operational Environment Sample Assignment - Essay Prowess

(answered)BSBMGT517 Assessment 1 BBQfun Operational Environment Sample Assignment

(answered)BSBMGT517 Assessment 1 BBQfun Operational Environment Sample Assignment

BSBMGT517 Assessment Task 1

Assessment Task 1 – develop an operational plan

1. Brief Summary of the BBQfun Operational Environment

a. Legislative and Regulatory Context that’s Relevant to BBQfun’s Operational Plan

  • Privacy Act 1988 (Cwlth)
  • Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Queensland)
  • Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cwlth)
  • Spam Act 2003 (Cwlth)
  • Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA) Direct Marketing Code of Practice
  • Free TV Australia Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice
  • Australian eMarketing Code of practice
  • Australian e-commerce best practice model
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 (Cwlth)
  • Corporations Act 2001 (Cwlth)
  • A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax Administration) Act 1999 (Cwlth)
  • A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (Cwlth)
  • Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cwlth)
  • Fair Work Act 2009 (Cwlth)

b. BBQfun policies and procedures that directly relate to the operational plan

  • Sales and Marketing Policy
  • BBQfun Privacy Policy
  • Anti-discrimination Policy
  • Procurement Policy and Procedures

c. Role of an operational plan

The operational plan plays the important role to implement the e-commerce strategy as it will help provide the guidance and identifying the necessary tasks that must be completed that will help smoothen the implementation of this project as follows:

  • Aim to increase and maintain market share and revenue and satisfy the customer’s needs.
  • Develop the resource management as well as the high quality of the products to satisfy customers.
  • Aim to support staff to perform via training and performance management that will increase ability of our staff to serve with new e-commerce strategy.
  • Plan to reduce the direct and indirect costs of operations which will help the e-commerce strategy to be well-supported from management team as it provides more distribution possibilities and distribute the products widely to our potential customers.

d. Intention to develop a new operational plan for BBQfun, or to amend the existing operational plan

According to the new e-Commerce strategy, this may require the company to readjust and review the current operational plan to fits with the new trends and objectives of this strategy to reach more customers and reduce the cost of operations which will provide benefits to company in the long term. However, the additional methods of setting goals will be utilized to identify what we would like to achieved that will help guiding the design of new operational plan. The outlining of actions in the action plan will also be used to generate the ideas towards the suitable actions, time frame, responsible persons or even the relevant resources to guide the performance of the company in the correct way to achieve the planned operational plan. Moreover, the method of performance monitoring will also be used to immediately identify the potential risks and ensure that the actions conducted will help reach the objectives of the company. Once the performance is monitored and risk is identified, the risk management process and contingency plan will be adapted and used to support the operational and relevant actions.

Resource requirements for implementation of e-commerce strategy

  • 8 online sales and customer service staff
  • 4 online sales and customer service staff could be sourced from existing employees at the two stores.
  • 6 delivery trucks
  • E-commerce website development
  • 3 forklifts
  • 4 additional warehouse workers
  • 6 additional drivers
  • Office space will need to be reconfigured


Questions to Sales and Marketing Manager

  • Do you have any ideas on how much new human resources are needed for this strategy?
  • Do you have any reasons to support the suggestions?
  • Can we retrain the current staff?
  • Do you have any specifications towards the recruitment of new online sales staff?

Questions to Technology Consultant

  • Do you have any suggestions on choosing the most suitable service provider?
  • Do you have any expected budget that would be suitable with the company for hiring the website developer?
  • What are other important matters that our chosen website developer must provide to the company?
  • What are the additional concerns?
  • How it will affect the company?

Appendix 2: Action plan template

Milestone: Action and/or objective
(to achieve strategic aims of physical or human resourcing)
Date Person responsible Budget or resources
(where applicable)
1) Agreement on the number or resources requirements 10 July 2013

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