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British Columbia Schizophrenia Society Essay

British Columbia Schizophrenia Society Essay

British Columbia Schizophrenia Society

Schizophrenia is in all aspects a real mental illness that healthcare professionals can accurately diagnose. From a medical perspective, it is critical for the actualization of strategies aimed at ensuring treatments is accorded to all its patients including those requiring involuntary treatment (Gaynes et al., 2015). Contemporary research initiatives on the subject underscore that violence is a major symptom of schizophrenia implying that the political and legal standpoints might be detrimental to other societal members. Through appropriate medications, it is possible to limit the occurrence of its anti-social symptoms such as being in danger of others as well as self. This essay discusses the need for policy that is keen on adopting the medical perspective relative to managing schizophrenia through involuntary treatment programs.

Neurobiological disorders compel patients to exhibit undesirable or anti-social tendencies (Fleischhacker et al., 2014). However, given that there are a number of such disorders with many exhibiting similar symptoms, a comprehensive approach towards identifying schizophrenics is an imperative. The manner through which a person reacts to the immediate environment is pegged upon perception. Two of the most distinguishable symptoms for schizophrenia include delusions and hallucinations. This implies that affected persons will often act upon a false belief. Clearly implausible beliefs translate to delusions (Fleischhacker et al., 2014). However, these tend t

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