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Book Report Essay

Book Report

There are many types of ailments that human beings are subjected to but none is as scary as Ebola. The book titled Ebola by David Quammen was published in 2014. At about the same time, the disease threatened to morph into a global epidemic given that there is no known cure for the Ebola virus. A summary of the book and its ethical, societal, and future impacts are worth considering as a means to enlighten people about the horrific reality that is the Ebola virus.


David Quammen’s book, Ebola is 128 pages long. It begins by offering insights concerning how the virus was first discovered in 1976. With a mysterious yet professional tone, Quammen (2014) points out that experts in the scientific and medical fraternities do not have a concrete understanding of how the Ebola virus works to kills victims. The cause of death emanates from a number of reasons like breathing difficulties, kidney failure, diarrhea, and liver failure. All these symptoms converge to from an unstoppable cascade of events

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