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Essay about Body Language and Nonverbal Communication

Essay about Body Language and Nonverbal Communication


The element of communication consists a multiplicand of elements considering that almost every sector considers it as an elementary factor. In fact, the same has been experienced in the context of the film development. The objective of communication is to ensure that information is passed in such a manner that decoding is easy and that the expected outcome is realized. There are different approaches of communication which the verbal and non-verbal communication. According to Pease (2004), a variety of research material concedes that words are often used in the process of conveying information. However, the use of body language is used in the context of negotiating. Quite often, intensive use of verbal communication is said not to yield the expected outcome. As such, it becomes necessary and sufficient to review the alternative mode of communication and even determine the arguments postulated by scholars, as well as, the use of the media to influence the process of sending a message. It is worth remembering that actions are a means of communication. However, one difference that it has with the verbal communication is that the recipients of the information have to interpret it.

Thesis Statement

The purpose of the research is to conduct in-depth research on the use of body language or non-verbal communication. That involves evaluating the level of effectiveness of the non-verbal communication in different avenues of communication such as the films. Non-verbal communication or the use of body language in any avenue is characterized as being a very valuable or resourceful mode of passing information. The aspect of it being valuable is influenced by the fact that the messages communicated through body language can express a variety of things without having to use words in the process. Instead, the messages contain feelings, thoughts and even expectations of the communicator.

A Review of the Literature

The use of body language or non-verbal communication is a frequently researched issue. Different arguments have been stipulated regarding the subject matter. Some of these studies indicate that the use of body language or the non-verbal communication serves a wide variety of purposes in as far as successful passing information is concerned. Alternative sources indicate that the use of verbal communication could be effective but fails to heed the intended purpose following poor interpretations by those who are expected to decode the information. That calls for the need to conduct a review of different works of literature and other artworks including films with the objective of determining the magnitude of effectiveness that is affiliated with non-verbal communication.

Pease (2004) provides that non-verbal communication is considered as a communication means that demonstrates the condition of the mind. A perfect example that is provided is that a movement of the hand could serve the purpose of revealing some thoughts that are transpir

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