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Black Power Mixtape Essay

Black Power Mixtape

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 can be described as an amazing feat of archival research and editing (Olsson, 2011). It takes into account a known period from the pages of American History from a fascinating and fresh vantage point. Close to the end of the 1960s decade and the early years of the 70’s, a team of TV journalists from Sweden visited the US with the aim of presenting to the world the realities affecting the country at the time. The in-depth interviews and surreal images expressed in the documentary are in essence a chronological collage that seeks to restore the intricate human dimension to that particular era’s racial history (Olsson, 2011). This essay seeks to present a personal reflection on the documentary while at the same time incorporating some of the literature discussed throughout the course.   

The documentary begins at the point in time where Stokely Carmichael promoted the black power concept in a manner that deviated from the nonviolent ideals propagated by Martin Luther King

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