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Biography of the person Essay

Biography of the person Essay

Biography of the person

The First World War brought with it a profound call for armies the world over to continuously enlist young men for military service. At the time, women participation was not ideal nor had it ever been envisaged that women could move into their traditional roles that is to take care of the children. Only men were conscripted into the army thus implying that men had to bear the brunt of war for their countries sake (Blais and Francis, 24). The same men had to leave the comfort of their homes and move on unto war to ensure that their countries were able to stay secured from external aggressors. This paper presents a look into the life of one Adams Sinclair, a former student of the Appleby College and his experiences in the First World War.

As early as 1817, Appleby College had to contend with ensuring that it submitted to the New Military Service Act which ensured that there was compulsory enlistment into the army even if it meant dropping out of Appleby College. The First World War began after Austria declared war on Russia’s ally, Serbia on July 26 1914 and by August 12 1914, the whole of Europe was at war. According to Mr. Adams, Canada had always been a close ally of Britain (Veterans Affairs Canada). When Britain described the situation in Europe as deteriorating, the Canadian government offered to send its troops to figh

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