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Bilbo Baggins and the ring Essay

Bilbo Baggins and the ring Essay

Bilbo Baggins and the ring


The early life of Bilbo Baggins

In the third age of the year, 2890, Bungo Baggins and his wife, belladonna Took were blessed with baby Bilbo Baggins on the 22nd day of the Halimath month by Shire Reckoning. As young Baggins grew up, he got to become particularly fond of Gandalf’s elaborate tales by attending the numerous parties held at their village. Gandalf’s stories told of encounters with goblins, dragons and spellbinding princesses as well as the magical fireworks displays courtesy of Gandalf’s mastery of wizardly.

His parents died when he was old enough to be his own hobbit, and in essence he inherited their home known as Bag End. At first, his neighbors simply saw him as not resembling his father physically but also having similar character traits. Bungo Baggins was known to his neighbors as a sensible, immovable, respectable and an unadventurous hobbit. As he grew older, Bilbo Baggins began exhibiting a character that his neighbors could not have expected of him. They referred to him as being rather strange with a solid heart for adventures so much so that he could leave his village and travel for days on end to meet completely new strangers who also included dwarves.

As time went on, it came to Gandalf’s mind that Bilbo Baggins had the right physical and character traits that were necessary to carry out a critical task that he had to undertake. The traits that appealed to Gandalf were that Bilbo Baggins was not only adventurous but his small stature made him perfect for Gandalf’s mysterious task at hand. Unfortunately for Gandalf, by the time he had made the effort of seeking Bilbo Baggin’s audience at Bag End, the Shire, the little hobbit had gone on a personal adventure for the Elven New Year. This was in the Third Age of 2941.


One fine morning, Gandalf did manage to get Bilbo’s audience just outside the Bag End entrance. Without much will at heart, Bilbao invited the great wizard for tea the following morning. Gandalf came to Bag end the following sunrise in the company of 13 dwarves travelling in units of five. With fourteen distinguished guests in his hobbit hole, Bilbo Baggins had an emotional struggle bulging within his heart, he was torn between becoming his adventurous self or his Baggins play docile host self.

The dwarves opted to remain at Bag end till supper time when Bilbo prepared a meal and fed them after which they sang to him an adventurous song titled, Sack of Erebor. This song had a deep meaning which implied why the dwarves had opted to travels to Bilbo Baggins’ house with Gandalf that morning. Gandalf had come to the logical conclusion that Bilbo Baggins was the ideal fourteenth member of his expedition team. Bilbao had been single handedly chosen by the great wizard

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