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Biblical World View Essay

Biblical World View

Question One

The setbacks facing women police is not specific to the U.S. Majority of world cultures continue with the challenge of attaining gender parity in all spheres of human society. From a historical standpoint, women began participating in police work earlier than any other public service spheres(Archbold & Schulz, 2012). For instance, in most developed nations, the female sex began actively participating in official workplace settings in the course of both World Wars. The case for women in policing is inherently different on comparison to the national mass appeal women suffrage had in the U.S. since they had the numbers (Stepler, 2017). This ought not to be a reason given that working side by side implies that each police officer is his “brother’s keeper” as provided in the Bible’s Genesis 4:8-10. Taking into account a biblical world view into the state of gender inequality in policing work, each team member appreciates that unity is strength. Relative to the Cain and Abel narrative as told in the Bible, God was not pleased when the elder brother killed the younger one since his sacrifice was more pleasing to the Creator. The outcome was Cain being banished to roam the eart

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