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Benefits of Green Tea Essay

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is made from sinensis leaves that originated in China but has been widely used in Asia. In the Asian community green tea is one of the most common drinks consumed. The difference in green tea and black tea is green has not undergone the oxidation used to make black tea. According to Wang et al. (2012), the green leaves of the plant come after harvesting the fresh leaves and steamed which stop the fermentation process and that is how the green color of the tea is produced. Green tea has known to be beneficial and have powerful effects on the body (Wang et al., 2012). Green tea has been known to decrease and prevent cardiovascular disease due to its richness in catechin and antioxidant property.

There has been many studies steered towards green tea and the effects it has on reducing blood pressure. Yet, most of the studies done in regards to green tea and the reduction of blood pressure has not been consistent. However, Developing hypertension (high blood pressure) is on the rise in worldwide. According to Guo, He, Zhang, and Walton (2012), the cost of preventing high blood pressure is less than treating high blood pressure. Furthermore approximately about one third of people in the United States (US) are at risk for developing hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases (Guo, He, Zhang, & Walton, 2012). The cost of treating hypertension can be expensive. Per Moran et al. (2015), the cost of treating hypertension is estimated about 50 million dollars in the next 25 years. Hypertension is one of the most common of all cardiovascular problems. This paper will examined a randomized control study and

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