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Behavioral conflict case study in Organizational management essay

Behavioral conflict case study in Organizational management essay


Executive Summary

The conflicts in the case study results from behavioral conflict between a senior manager and his subordinate. The two are differing on the appropriate approach that would help the company to make a tremendous achievement in the highly competitive industry. The junior employee suggests a digital approach of service delivery while he senior manager believes that time is yet for the company to do away with the analog approach. Moreover, the senior manager is not happy about the lone-ranger approach his senior is applying, thus despising the company’s protocols and do things as he perceives.

Conflicts occurs in every situation that requires two or more individuals. If not well managed, conflicts may adversely affect the competitiveness of a company resulting to its close down. However, conflicts may bring about good ideas which when implemented may boost the company performance. Thus therefore, managing conflicts as and when they arise is essential for any business that longs to remain relevant in the industry.

The two ideologies that has resulted into conflicts are valid and justifiable, however, tom and frank doesn’t agree on the most effective approach at the moment. Thus reconciling the two individual’s idea would be a good method of ensuring a win-win situation for the two conflicting parties. As a result, the plan would help the company from losing either of them to the competitors.

Statement of the Problem

Tom has been appointed by the division vice president to be the senior marketing specialist contrary to the wishes of the senior marketing manager Mr. Frank. Tom since his initiation as the new marketing specialist has been in conflict with his senior manager. The causes of the conflicts includes: tom believed that the company would not succeed if it continued using the same old mechanisms in the dynamic market where the competitors are developing new strategies to fit the customer demand. While his boss believed that the company had a potential to achieve a lot while still using the old methods. The key problem tom is facing is to whether follow the managers advices although he believes the strategies will not take the company to its required state or implement his own project and expose the managers dubious strategies to the management. Some of the symptoms of these problems includes the poor relationship between the senior marketing specialist and the general marketing manager.  Tom confronting his boss publicly in an indication of poor relationship between the two despite the two being team members that requires a good relationship to the well-being of the company. The root causes of the problems that tom is going through includes: the vice-presidents decision to appoint tom to head the marketing department without involving the senior marketing manager. Tom’s lone ranger approach on the problems facing the organization, he takes a lot of his time working on a project that he have not even introduced to the management for verification. As a result of the conflicts, the company sales volumes is doomed to reduce unless the conflicts are solved. Moreover, there are chances that tom would lose his job if he fails to convince the vice president about his project. Tom needs to make a tough decision on whether to do his senior requires or to expose his senior’s dubious strategies and projections.

Cause of the Problem

The case study describes behavioral conflict between tom and his boss frank. The causes of the conflict includes: conflicts in an organization are inevitable, conflicts can bring down an organization if they are not effectively managed, but sometimes they may drive the company into success. Maturity and immaturity theory asserts that, individuals in their career lives desire grow and mature with increasing levels of opportunity and responsibilities. However, organizations fail to fulfill this desires, and for the sake of the company’s performance and efficiency, they break down the jobs thus every employee has a narrow scope. As a result the company fails to effectively utilize the employee’s talents and abilities. Tom, when he joined the organization initiated ideas about new services offerings, and upon implementation, the idea helped the organization to make tremendous achievements. One main reason why tom is conflicting with his manager is as a result of the project that he has alone initiated and he takes a lot of time on it despite the project not being approved by the management. By asking tom to take the roles of a manager only, restrains his abilities and talents thus the reason he is working hard on his projects despite knowing that his manager is not happy about it.    

Role conflict theory holds that, some conflicts in the organization results from circumstances related to their duties and roles. For instance, despite tom being a junior manger, he does not follow the company’s protocols. First he failed to deliver the report to his senior at the appropriate time, instead he is working on a project that he initiated alone and the project has not even been approved by the organizations management. To make the matters worse, he does not update the senior marketing manager on his schedule.

Decision Criteria and Alternative Solutions

Tom identifies that, the airline kiosks which is the model that the company is currently using is outdated and expensive to the clients thus the customers are moving to the online services that are easy to use and less costly to the customers. The alternative solution that tom suggests thus therefore need to prove it can save the customers some cash and prove it easy to use, as compared to the current model that the company is using. The new model should also prove to bring about huge profits if implemented considering the high costs both the company and the airlines has invested in old model. Moreover, the customers will play a critical role determining the implementation of an alternative solution, they must all accept and appreciate the alternative, considering the huge investments they have made in the current model, and they must be consulted before making any decision concerning the current model.

 If the software project proposed by tom proves costly or the customers oppose its prompt implementation, the management can gradually implement it while still using the current model. If this is the case, the company will benefit from maintaining the customers who would not afford to promptly change to the suggested alternative due to the high costs that they have not planned for in the first place. Thus the company’s sales will not be affected while the new model is implemented. However, running and maintenance of the two models is very expensive, thus the company will incur added costs by running the models concurrently.

The general marketing manger rejected the alternative model that tom proposed terming it as expensive. He believes that the company has a chance to prosper all employees put more effort in the current model. the manager also identifies that, implementing the altanive at that time would inconvenience very many airlines that have invested a lot in the companys kiosk hardware and softwares.     

Recommended solutions, implementation and justifications

The case study involve a behavioral conflict between a senior manager and his junior. Tom who is the senior marketing specialist and frank who ids the general marketing manager for the company disagrees on the best approach that would make the company to have a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Conflict resolution would be the way of ending the conflict between the two leaders. Conflicts affects the performance of the team making it fail to achieve its objectives.  The best way to reconcile the two is first you understand their conflicying idiologies understand why the difference in their ideology leads to such a conflict. Tom and frank conflicts are based on the diffence idiologies best for the company at the moment, tom believes the company’s current methods are outdated and the company must implement his proposed project that is more advanced and serves the interest of the customers effectively. Frank on the other hand belives that the company can prosper while still using the old methods. The two conflicting idiologies are good and reasonable. The company is in need of remaining competitive and the new approach that tom suggests might be the answer to good performance.

Franks idea that the company can still make good profits using the current methods considering the huge amount of money  the airlines have invested in the kiosks thus making it hard for the ailines to just shift to othe compettitors. Thus reconciling the two managers would the best approach, since their ideologies though conflicting are justifiable. Franks appreciates that the software project would do well if implemented, nevertheless, he identified that car rental agencies and hotels could provide the same profits tom was looking for if the current approach was well utilized. Conflict management is an essential tool that every management should be rady to utilize as and when the need arises. conflicts adversely affects the teams outcomes and the performance of the whole organization.

Cooperative model as suggested by Morton deutsch is a good way of solving conflicts that results fro disputing iideologies. The model evokes an atmosphere of trust and finally leads to a settlement that benefits both parties. While conflict transformation theory aims to change the individuals attitude nad behaviors as wellas the relationship between the conflicting parties. The theory is suits well the relationship of the two parties, thus applying conflict transformation as a way of resolving the conflict could proof banefitial.  The organization is greater than any individual. Thus nobody should be allowed to jeopardize the success of the company, hence if the two parties fail to reconcile, the management has the authority to fire one them or both as it would feel effective.

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