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Batek Religion Essay

Batek Religion

Commonly referred to as the pagan people of Malaysia, the Batek religion was founded on rituals beliefs and regulated behaviors ascribed to them by the hala asal or superhuman beings (Endicott and Endicott 34). The Batek embrace the belief that these superhuman beings reside in three realms, the upper world, the earth and the underworld. It is the hala asal who were and are still believed to regulate natural processes as well as implement an array of prohibitions (Endicott and Endicott 35). Some of the community members among the Batek possess the ability to communicate with the superhuman beings via trance, dreams, songs and rituals. The well-being of the Batek was dependent on the manner with which they adhered to specific rituals and behaviors prescribed by the hala asal. The hala asal were believed to be male, others believed them to be male, others considered them as transgender while others opted not to specify on their gender.

The hala were the shaman people among the Batek who could commune with the hala asal (Endicott and Endicott 36). The hala prayed to the superhuman beings to ensure that the Batek had bounty foods, good health and peace with nature. The shama

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