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Barn Burning Essay

Barn Burning


Abner Snopes, Colonel Sartoris Snopes’ father is the chief source of conflict in the story due to his repeated destructive impulses.


As Faulkner provides, Abner Snopes once served in the army where he stole horses and specialized in committing arson. In the narrative, Abner lived his youthful life, “that niggard blaze was the living fruit of nights passed during those four years in the woods hiding from all men, blue or gray, with his strings of horses (captured horses, he called them) (3). His niggardly nature creates tension within the family while his antisocial tendencies nurture tensions in the community.


Abner Snopes only believes that his family is all that matters and the other members of community are not concerned about his family’s welfare. Faulkner’s narrative provides that “You got to learn to stick to your own blood or you ain't going to have any blood to stick to you. Do you think either of them, any man there this morning would? Don't you know all they wanted was a chance to get at me because they knew I had them

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