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Banning Tobacco Smoking in Public Places Essay

Banning Tobacco Smoking in Public Places Essay

Banning Tobacco Smoking in Public Places


Across the world continue to effect the ban on smoking in public places on the back of information that underscore the associated negative consequences it has on persons exposed to active and passive smoke. Tobacco smoking is thus widely prohibited given that is a presentable cause of disease and death in the US. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it contributes to approximately 480,000 fatalities where 41,000deaths result from the exposure to passive smoke (para.1). Healthcare costs stand at over 300 billion dollars annually which the different administrative levels seek to categorically avoid. 170 billion dollars translates to direct medication costs for adults while 154 billion dollars appertains to losses in productivity of affected persons (CDC para.1). Unfortunately, regardless of the adverse outcomes associated with tobacco smoking, there are major stakeholders to the bans strongly opposing it. This paper is argumentative in nature with the antagonists supporting own position while supporters of the ban underscore the need to critically ensure it is fully implemented.

Debate between Proponents and Opponents on the Ban on Smoking in Public Places

The strongest opponents of the longstanding ban on smoking in public places within the U.S. are firms associated with the tobacco industry. The massive billion dollar industry has survived the ban by decreasing manufacturing costs while at the same time increasing pricing on its products. One would expect increased pricing to limit revenue but this has had an opposite impact given the addictive nature of cigarettes. Firms in the industry have introduced e-cigarettes which were independent of FDA regulation (Bhatnagar et al. 420 (first page kwa pdf)). These resulted in many persons especially the young persons to take up smoking and do so publicly. The tobacco industry has innovatively employed tactics that undermine the bans effectiveness and by so doing encouraged

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