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Ban the Guns Essay

Ban the Guns


School shootings in the United States have shocked everyone the world over. In the unfortunate event that a school shooting erupts, students as well as school personnel within the vicinity of the school stand helpless. They either have to wait for the police agencies to respond quickly or in a worst case scenario wait for the shooter to end his or her streak of insanity. One such incident happened at a school in Newton Connecticut. Sandy Hook Elementary School became the scene of a tragic incident which resulted in the death of 20 school children and 6 adults in less than 20 minutes (Velez). The shooter was identified as Adam Lanza, 20 years of age and was armed with two guns as well as an assault rifle. January 10, 2013, a teenager aged 16 years entered a school possessing a shotgun fatally shot a student and seriously injuring another student. This happened in Taft within the state of California.

The fact that children and teenagers have easy access to both light and heavy weapons shows that the contemporary American society is currently faced with a rather grave problem. As much as violence related to guns affects most of the American society, school shootings are conscience disturbing and worse even cause fear among those in the education system more so in parents, guardians, students and the staff employed in these institutions (Velez). School shootings have shown that random killing of many innocent people both the young and the old by very young shooters has to be critically analyzed so as to recommend ways in which these incidences can be prevented beforehand. A public outcry has been the response to such incidences calling for tighter restrictions on assault weapons as well as guns (Velez).

The shocking shooting at the Sandy Hook school prompted President Obama to call for the reestablishment of the national ban on guns and assault weapons. However the American people are divided on this matter with about 49% calling for the need to protect their right to possess guns whereas 46% feel that there is the need to further control ownership of guns (Velez). It is important to understand the fact that the American population feels that there is a profound need to have some form of limits with regard to gun ownership. This essay seeks to illustrate why so many Americans are against a total ban on firearms and further champion for better gun control policies.

Banning guns does not solve the issue of crime

The state of Washington DC banned gun ownership in 1976, effectively making it illegal for anyone to possess whatever type of gun. The law passed required people not to leave guns at home unlocked.  Unfortunately, Washington DC is regarded to as murder center of the United States. The City of New York has also had very tight gun control legislations dating as far back as 1911(Kopel and Wollstein). Apparently, New York is still ranked as having one of the highest gun related crimes in the United States. As such, a federal ban on guns cannot solve incidences such as that witnessed in the Sandy Hook school due to the simple fact that loophole in the current legislation are exploited by unscrupulous persons allowing for criminals to access guns in the American street in a matter of minutes (Kopel and Wollstein).

America is renowned for its precision machines. It

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