Assessment Task 2 BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change - Essay Prowess

Assessment Task 2 BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change

Assessment Task 2 BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change


Assessment Task 2      BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change

Identify change requirements

Assessment description

Using the scenario information supplied, the candidate will identify strategic change needs, review existing policy, monitor trends in the external environment that impact on organisation’s objectives, identify operational change objectives, prioritise change requirements and consult experts or specialists to assist in identification of change requirements and opportunities. The candidate will then write a report to management outlining the change requirements.


Review the case study “Fast track courier “ and prepare a report on the basis of the following points:


  • You must provide a report consist of 6 to 7 pages for the simulated business organization as mentioned below.


Fast Track Couriers Pty Ltd


It is the end of the 2011 financial year. You are an external change management consultant employed by Fast Track Couriers. You have been asked by the General Manager to prepare a report to identify opportunities and requirements for change for the organisation in the coming year.

You have been given some information about the organisation and the organisation’s strategic goals. Specific operational and human resources goals were developed to support the strategic goals.

The strategic goals were developed as a result of external market research indicating an opportunity for Fast Track Couriers to build market share in Sydney. The business has the opportunity to increase Sydney market share by 7.5% on the back increased efficiency and shorter delivery times from larger truck fleet and improved distribution systems.

You have also been given some information about employees and some background information regarding the organisation’s workforce relations.

Before submitting the final report, you will need to review your proposed changes with all relevant manager stakeholders. The General Manager is very concerned about identifying change requirements in close consultation with key management stakeholders within the organisation in order to ensure the least resistance to implementation.

About Fast Track Couriers

Fast Track Couriers is a courier company that has been operating in New South Wales for the last 15 years. Its primary business function is delivering medium to large size packages across metropolitan Sydney.

Strategic plan goals

The organisation’s strategic goals are:

  • to expand business in the metropolitan area so that small to medium package deliveries market share increases by 7.5%
  • to develop an integrated approach to distribution management utilising technology such as PDA devices and GPS
  • to develop and maintain a cohesive and well-motivated workforce.

Strategic goals are supported by the following operational and human resources goals.

Operational plan goals

  • Testing of the distribution management system is to cease and allow implementation within the first quarter of the 2012 financial year.
  • The truck fleet will need to be expanded by 8 trucks within the 2012 financial year.

Human resources goals:

  • To incorporate a Human Resources function to facilitate the changes in workforce management in the first quarter of the 2012 financial year.
  • Introduce professional development and training to achieve organisational goals and promote understanding of organisation’s strategic goals in the first quarter of the 2012 financial year.
  • Eliminate industrial relations problems in the 2012 financial year. Conclude negotiations with employees and union.
  • Eliminate lifting injuries.

Employee profile

Fast Track Couriers employee the following people:

  • General manager (GM) – Generally on the road; never in office.
  • Chief financial officer (CFO) – Reports to GM and keeps office hours; 9–5, Mon–Fri.
  • Accountant – Reports to CFO and keeps office hours; 9–5, Mon–Fri.
  • Truck drivers (x20) – Report to office.
  • Office team manager – Reports to GM and keeps office hours; 9–5, Mon–Fri.
  • Office team members (x5) – Perform administrative, sales, customer relationship management duties. Monitor truck drivers and handle enquiries. Report to office team manager.

Head office employees

  • Covered under individual contracts.
  • Salary range $32,000–$75,000 annum.
  • Small team of mainly female employees, ranging in age.
  • Lots of opportunity to participate in learning and development programs due to management support; however little desire to participate.
  • High employee engagement scores. Employees cite team work and opportunities as motivating factors affecting the business success.


  • Covered by an award.
  • Salary $45,000 per annum.
  • Heavily unionised.
  • Employee demographics are all male employees aged 25–65.
  • Little opportunity to participate in learning and development programs due to being on the road; however, little to no interest to participate in development opportunities.
  • Large number of workplace injuries due to heavy lifting.
  • Low employee engagement scores. Drivers cite pay as an issue.
  • Currently experiencing low turnover.
  • History of industrial disputes regarding pay and previous change initiatives.

Background to workforce management and relations

The company communicates with employees via email for head office employees and a printed monthly newsletter for drivers. The company provides information regarding policies procedures through documented manuals that are held in each truck as an employee manual. Office-based staff can access copies of these manuals at the office.

All trucks are fitted with a GPS system to assist drivers with navigating to each pick up and drop off location. Trucks are also assigned a PDA that provides drivers with the details of each pick up and drop off and records when a job starts and finishes. The data from this device is sent back to head office to monitor job progress but is not used to complete productivity reporting. When this device was introduced, drivers were not happy as they felt the organisation was saying that it did not trust the drivers to manually record the time spent on each job. Many of the drivers also resented having to learn how to use the device and thought it was a waste of time.

Head office employees work very closely together and are a very cohesive and motivated team. They are positive about the organisation’s direction and respond well to change.

Drivers have historically reacted negatively to change. Change implemented in the past has met with resistance and was therefore difficult to implement. Drivers have in the past done their best to block any changes from being implemented, even going to the lengths of threatening strike action and having the union involved to assist with resolving the issue.

Fast Track Couriers currently allocates two drivers per truck to ensure that drivers are able to load and unload heavy packages. The strategy going forward is to remove the need for having two drivers per truck by installing an automatic lift gate on the back of each gate at a cost of $10,000 per truck. This will mean that only one driver is needed per truck as no heavy lifting will be required.

It is Fast Track Couriers intention to use these surplus drivers to drive the new trucks that will be purchased to enable the company to extend its services to regional NSW.

Drivers are currently happy with the work environment as they enjoy working as part of a two-man team. The organisation typically leaves the drivers alone and lets them do their job as this is what seems to make them happy. Management has tried in the past to have drivers participate in organisational activities. These activities were not received positively and the drivers complained and asked not to be involved. The drivers’ view is that their preferred team is their two-man driver team and they only see the benefits of that specific working arrangement. There is a high value placed on communication with trucking team members.

Analyze the organizational objectives provided in the scenario to identify the change requirements for fast track couriers 

  1. Identify requirements for change 
  2. Prepare an explanation of how your identified change needs link to the organization’s strategic plan goal/s 

Objectives of Fast Track Couriers 

Fast Track Couriers is an express company that has been operating in New South Wales for 15 years. The major business area is courier medium and large size packages in the Sydney. 

There are several strategic goals for the development of the organization:  increasing the marketing share by 7.5 percentage in courier market; to improve the distribution management system; to shrink the delivery period for large size truck fleet; to achieve and maintain a well-motivated and workforce. 

Requirement for change 

  • Implement of PDA and GPS equipment 
  • To illustrate the truck policy of one truck one person 
  • Installing an automatic lift gate on the back of each gate 
  • Human resource structure modification 
  • New truck purchase 

Relevance between objective and changes 

PDA and GPS 

In this century, the PDA and GPS equipment have been applied in the courier organization, the PDA is used for tracking item for customers, and meanwhile, the paper workload of drivers can be reduced. And GPS is utilized for locating the pick-up and drop off locations for the drivers. So the PDA and GPS implement can obtain higher work efficiency and satisfy the customer principle requirements.  After all the customers willing to use a service that can satisfy accuracy and efficiency of the delivery, for example, shifting packages on time and tracking parcels easier.  Hence, utilising PDA and GPS devices could assist growth market share by 7.5 percent in Sydney. 

The truck policy of one truck one person, installing and automatic lift gate and new truck purchase 

To reduce the injuries of lift heavy items, decrease labor cost and expand truck for delivery efficient, the organization decides to install the automatic lift gate on the back of each truck gate. So the driver number should be decreased from two to one in each truck and surplus drivers would be arranged to drive new trucks which will purchase by organisation for expanding delivery capability. Therefore, the organization should introduce the truck policy of one truck one person to all of drivers. 

Human resource structure modification 

In order to assist the modification in workforce management the human resources should be integrated in the first quarter of 2012 financial year. 

The modification should include: 

  • Introduce the development of career and set training to drivers for explaining human resources changes and new devices operation such as PDA, GPS and automatic lift gate. 
  • The human resources professionals would have new direction that associated with organization. Also the OHS manager would use the new structure to communicate with unions. The work injures will be reduced by modification. 
  • The organisation’s goal could be achieved by the modification, for instance, add new trucks and expand truck, training staff, ensure workplace safety. Both customer satisfaction and healthy organization growth would be met by the modification. 

How the current policies practices and operations deliver against the organisation’s strategic goals.  


If the human resources structure was not modified, the drivers cannot understand the method of new devices and misunderstand the intention of breaking the original team. And the salary is under the average salary in the Sydney market. 


The injures would be caused easily as the automatic lift gate did not install and the workforce would be incurred shortage as the new truck with one driver policy has not been introduced to drivers. Hence, the organisation’s goal would be affected by above factors. 


If PDA and GPS devices did not install on time for all of trucks and drivers, the effectiveness and efficiency would become very low. 


If the OHS manager and human resources professionals have not received new direction, the training would become ineffective and incur some incorrect knowledge introduce to staff. 

Monitor external trends to identify events or trends which may impact on the achievement of the organisation’s strategic plan goal. 

Identify two external trends 

 Develop an explanation of how the trends currenctly impact or will impact organizational objectives 

  1. The PDA and GPS devices and automatic lift gate are advance technology for trucks and drivers. The PDA could assist the management of delivery more efficient and customers tracking their packages easier than previous system. Similarly, the organization could reduce fix cost effectively and promote competition by using automatic lift gate and decline. Thus, the reaction speed of the changes would influence the objective achievement for the future. 
  2. In the Sydney market, the Fast Track Courier has lower salary level than average data for the truck driver, their drivers suppose that their organization has lower income.  So the working performance may be effected by lower salary. The executive of organization should discuss with human resources professionals to resolve the salary issue that might incur negative influence. Then it would cause worse customer service and working efficiency. 

Identify major operational change requirements: 

  • Identify changes due to performance gaps: 

The organization goals could be achieved due to the new changes, meanwhile, the performance of the organization could be promoted. New changes could be some new policies, for example, one truck one driver, training and PDA and GPS working procedures. 

  • Identify changes due to business opportunities 

As the one truck one driver policy, the organization can integrate new form fleet which has more competitiveness and bring more chance in the NSW market. 

  • Identify changes due to threats 

PDA and GPS installation could assist organization maintain competiveness in the market. 

  • Identify changes due to management decisions 

The one truck one driver policy could eliminate working injures; hiring the human resource manager in order to do negotiation with unions about working issues and reduce problems. 

Identify specialists to be consulted to assist with identifying change needs: 

  • identify specialist you will engage to help identify change requirements and be prepared to explain your reason for engaging these specialists 

Human resource manager:  in order to avoid unnecessary problems by communicating with unions and make sure higher satisfaction of staff salary. 

Marketing professionals: promote professional suggestion support to executive and locate potential target. Work out efficient market strategy. 

Financial specialists: making the purchase plan for new trucks; to provide professional advice of budget control, profit forecast and ensure tax compliance. 

  • B identify what consulting model you would adopt to engage the specialists and be prepared to explain why you would use this model 

Prepare a support guideline and organize meetings for organizational improving changes with specialist who is suggested by professionals. Because this can help the change strategy is implemented successfully.  

Identify the managers that need to be informed. Prepare a plan that identifies who, when and how stakeholder managers will be engaged to review and prioritize change requirement. 

Firstly, the shareholder and general manager must be informed before others, if all of relevant specialists have been consulted with. Organizing meeting for changing requirements and analyzing the positive and negative points in the change. 

Then after the meeting, the chief financial officer and accountant department should be noticed. Because they according to analysis present situation and write report of feasibility of the financial change plan. 

Thirdly, the office team manager and the team members would be informed of actions as above. And the meeting should be organized to plan the future change and relevant working process. 

Finally, the truck drivers should be informed of change plan.