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Assessment of AIS Implementation Essay

Assessment of AIS Implementation Essay

Assessment of AIS Implementation


Organizational leaders are beginning to fathom the numerous benefits of the shift from manual accounting processes to automated accounting systems. Accounting Information Systems promise to appraise specific as well as collective effectiveness in achieving strategic and operational goals (Dillard, Yuthas, & Baudot, 2016). Large as well as small companies are actively embracing new AIS paradigms as a means for appraising effectiveness and accuracy of management functions (Uyar, Gungormus, & Kuzey, 2017). For instance, planning and controlling are highly impactful processes undertaken by management that determine how organizational leaders can engage in decision making that is favorable to the firm in the longer term (Dillard, Yuthas, & Baudot, 2016). AIS continues to take center stage as a component of a well functioning administrative system since it empowers organizational leaders to acquire the right financial information necessary for purposeful decision making (Moffitt et al., 2016). By looking at how Jordanian banks have implemented indigenous AIS projects, it is possible to identify factors that encourage AIS development and implementation.

AIS Implementation in the Jordanian Banking Sector

Technology adoption across the Arabian Peninsula is taking place at an enviable rate. In the region’s quest to modernize it financial services industry, the banking sector in Jordan has taken a proactive approach towards appraising their planning and control capabilities. According to Al-Fasfus and Shaqqour (2018), Jordanian commercial banks opted to invest significant capital into establishing AIS systems that could enhance their performance in the short as well as long term. However, the large size of capital investments as well as the associated high risks and very low returns on investment implied that the impact of AIS project implementation could not be measured in the short term. However, the study by Al-Fasfus and Shaqqour (2018) determined to ex

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