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Assessed Task 2 Delivering a presentation

Assessed Task 2 Delivering a presentation

This task requires your project team to simulate a public talk on a topic selected by the team (see Topics below for some possible choices). In the talk, every member of the team will deliver a 10-minute solo presentation of a sub-theme related to the topic of the talk (see the themes listed under Preparation below). The talk will run in Lesson 6 or 7. Study Units 1, 3 and 4 will prepare you for the task.

Assessed Task 2  Delivering a presentation

Goals and audience

The talk aims to achieve the following goals:

  • to inform its participants about a specific form of technology and how it may be applied to solve some specific real life problems;
  • to increase the visibility of your firm; and
  • to attract potential clients to hire the firm’s services.

The talk will be attended by representatives of organizations from different sectors, who may become clients of the firm. The audience will be role-played by other students in the class. In other words, each presenting team in the class will need to attend the talks presented by other groups in which they will switch their roles to representatives of another organization.


Automation problems

  • the need for floor-cleaning robots


To achieve the goals of the talk, you and your team will need to present the following themes related to the topic:

  • The real life problem: nature of the problem, people affected by the problem, what needs to be done to solve the problem, etc.;

You and your team are expected to consult reliable sources to gain some understanding of the chosen problem and the technology that can be applied to solve the problem. You can make up the details about the experience of the firm. But, the details need to be believable.


Each member of the team will need to give a 10-minute solo presentation on at least one of the themes listed above and need to ensure that the presentation links well to those delivered by other team members. The last 3 minutes of the presentation need to be reserved for questions from the audience.