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Artist Bio: Passion Pit Essay

Artist Bio: Passion Pit Essay

Artist Bio: Passion Pit

The electronic band Passion Pit hails from Boston, Massachusetts and was formed in 2007 after its lead singer Michael Angelakos had an interesting February 14th gift for his beloved girlfriend. Passion Pit initially began as Michael Angelakos personal project which resulted in the production of an EP aptly titled “Chunk of Change”. A number of acquaintances and close friends soon got hold of the EP and expressed their enthrallment with the quality of the EP. This led to the formation of Passion Pit as a fully fledged band composed of Angelakos as the lead vocals singer and keyboard artist, Huktquist on the keyboard and guitar, Thom Plass on bass guitar Adam Lavinsky on drums and finally, Ayad Al Adhamy on the synthesizer and samples.

Michael Angelakos began writing songs at the tender age of 5 and grew up relating well with spare and spooky folk tunes as well as pit-sti

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