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Article Critique Outline- Expertise Guide for You

There are diverse assignments that institutions of higher learning give to students to test their understanding and learning process. While some are simple five paragraph description essays, others such as article critiques are challenging tasks that students have a hard time writing. Writing a critique paper requires a certain level of understanding and skills that should help the student to perform exclusive analyses and evaluations.

May be you have never been assigned an article critique before until now and you keep wondering what it is. Well, a critic analysis is a write-up in which the writer identifies, evaluates and responds to the ideas of an article either positively or negatively. This is a specific style of essay that identifies the main purpose of the article, its background as well as the main idea that the article is talking about. An article critique evaluates the assumptions of the argument, how convincing the argument is, how useful the article is and how the ideas of the article compare to contemporary theories in the field. An article critique finally responds to your general assessment of the article by evaluating the issues it addresses and those that it avoids.

A critique article therefore requires a student to have adequate understanding of how to critique an article. The student should have a good understanding of the concept under discussion for them to make a good article critique. The complexity of writing this paper is what drives many students to seek help to write it. Most students do not have the time to read, analyze, and evaluate the ideas of the article. Hence the help of a professional comes in handy. Professional academic writers from essayprowess have many years of experience in writing article critiques and thus, are most suitable for writing an accurate critique for you.

Sometimes students try to write the article critiques on their own by downloading article critique examples online to get an idea of how they are written. This could help to some extent but one faces a chance of getting the wrong examples and hence may ruin the article critique paper altogether.

Like other essays, an article critique outline encompasses of:

  1. An Introduction

The introduction of an article critique first and foremost includes the author’s name and the article’s title. This is followed by a brief summary of the purpose of the article and the main concepts discussed in the article. The introduction requires the writer to give a general description of the article’s events. The introduction should end with a thesis statement that tells the reader what the article critique shall be focusing on. A good introduction makes writing the main body easier as it gives an outline of the whole article. Hence, students who get stuck at the introductory stage are very unlikely to get the right content for the body.

  • The Body

As mentioned before, the body of an article critique encompasses the analysis and discussion of the author’s main argument. The body should entail both negative and positive critiques as well as your personal opinions which should be based on evidence from published sources.

  • The conclusion

In this section the writer restates the thesis statement and makes his concluding remarks by summarizing the main ideas of their critique and then finishes off by taking a stand.

As seen from the discussion above writing an article critique requires the student to have some level of skill to write it well. All the sections of the paper have different requirements and so the student is expected to pay much attention to every detail if the paper has to make sense. But why hustle this much when you could hire someone to write your article critique for you? Do not risk scoring poor grades or missing out on lifetime opportunities that only present themselves in college. Trust the experts for an excellent article critique paper and live a care free life. Place an order with us now!

How to Make Your Article Critique Essay Excellent

Apart from writing article critiques for students, we also offer help to students who would like to write their own article critiques. Writing an article critique is one of the most tedious task that students come across. However, it is also one of the tools that sharpens a student’s critical thinking skills and hence it’s very important for them to know how article critiques should be written.

The first thing that you need to remember as you write an article critique is that it should reveal your understanding of the text under study through an exclusive analysis and evaluation of the articles main ideas. In this section, most students make the mistake of giving long summaries of the article without really making their own evaluation or analysis. Hence it’s advisable for you to hire an expert to give you step by step guidance of how to go through the mumble jumble of writing and exhaustive critique as seen from your systematic analysis and evaluation. You also need to research a lot on how best to make a strong argument in your article critique and we generously supply you with a list of published books and peer reviewed articles to help you out. We also answer all the questions you may have regarding writing the critique and offer editing and proof reading services if you so wish.  

Please remember that we are always ready to take up on any academic challenge that you are facing. Never hesitate to reach out to us for whatever help you need when writing your article critique. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are always ready to offer you help whenever you need it.

Critique Paper Format Accepted in Colleges

Institutions of higher learning endorse different academic paper formats for the assignments that they give to students. The American Psychological Association (APA) however, is the most common paper format used for article critiques. Although some professors request MLA or Chicago critique paper formats, students should master the use of the APA style to write their article critique essays because it is the most common format style. 

Our team of writers are experts in the field and they are always ready to give the critique paper format that you require for your essay. We offer critique paper formatting at very affordable prices because we understand the financial constraints of most students.

Why should you choose to work with us?

Our writers have the know-how of writing winning article critiques that has been gained through many years of experience. Hence, you can expect an article critique that is going to fetch you an impressive grade. As you may have seen from our customer feedback on the customer reviews page, we do not write mediocre papers. Our writers have enough time and the right speed to exhaustively go through the assigned article and make strong arguments to support their claim. Feel free to also download article critique samples from our website to guide you through as you write your own essay. In case you need assistance in writing or getting the right critique paper format, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are always available for you. Give us a call now!

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