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Art Movement Essay

Art Movement

This is described as the tendency or style in portraying art with a distinct philosophy or goal such that it is distinguishable from other art movements, with a group of artists as followers during a given period of time or place with the peak of the movement usually defined within a couple of years. Such styles describe a particular art from another. Some movements’ may be or have been influenced by other art movements with evident likeness and others defy their counterparts due to limitations. It to study of the differences in art movements is interesting as is the study of the diverse periods in art.

Much of America past has been blue and red for a long time. However this has tremendously changed over the last few years. Though most of these changes have been politically motivated, the American population being more aware and conscious of the dire consequences related to continued environmental degradation, there have been renewed efforts to go green. This has had the positive effect of creating an eco friendly, environmentally conscious and sustainable art movement.

Art sustainability as a concept is a cornerstone for students of design graphic or otherwise in the new millennium and fosters professional responsibility vital in the present age society. Thus it can be pointed out that sustainability is crucial for economical development, social growth, and protection of environmental systems for both the present and future.

Sustainable art is paramount for survival of Mother Nature and in extension all art as we know it. The relationship between the earth and its inhabitants is one that is inseparable. When natural calamities occur destroying entire cities crippling economies leads governments in drives to marshal its workers to rebuild again. Sustainability in eco friendly art advocates for the use of technological advancements to maintain and restore

Natural resources, minimize the depletion of non renewable natural resources and  better value planet Earth’s ability to continuously adapt to mans practices as a single entity, earthlings.

As an art movement advocating for greener safer and sustainable design, it is understood clearly that problems being experienced on the earth are not solely ours to workout, however, designers are embracing the fact that every decision made in accordance to the philosophies of our art movement is an important step forward in encouraging this industry towards sustainable solution to today’s problems and building on these green philosophy.

For instance, early in the 1990’s it was unprecedented to visualize graphic designers employing any other media other than print. The internet revolutionalized everything around the globe.

With diminishing resources, sustainable design models are quite a significant challenge. Use of processes that positively impact the environment is the right message to relay and grasp tightly to what we practice to move not only our industries but all of them together as a team for a greener tomorrow.

Sustainability is a process that renews itself as it progresses, thus the creation of a clear definition for such design to appropriately address the environment, economic factors and numerous human realities.               Sustainable art movement aids graphic designers to develop designs safe for humans, the environment, minimize use of dwindling natural resources, professionally ethical and add value.


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