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Art History Essay

Art History

The reading, Art in Theory 1900-2000: An Anthropology of Changing Ideas discusses art as a personal venture that expresses the feelings and revelations that are concrete and real to the artist as a creator (Harrison and Wood 578). The writers look into the evolution of contemporary art movements as discretely individualized in comparison to those witnessed in the late 19th Century and beyond. For instance, the works of Willem de Kooning are described as being an admission that one artists ideas are as good as those expressed by another (Harrison and Wood 581). This implies that conforming to a particular style only translates to an artist works being perceived from a historical background. Aligning one’s self to any art movement is therefore is involuntary as a creator only seeks to express a personal attitude.

Albert Boime’s work titled The Magisterial Gaze discusses the unique artistic viewpoint embraced by American painters in the 19th Century. This was a period when the US was looking to morph into a

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