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Arbitration Award Sample College Essays

Arbitration Award Sample College Essays

Arbitration Award

According to International Arbitration Law, any of the party involved arbitration has the right to appeal if they disagree with the arbitration award. They can file a complaint to the necessary associated authority if they have enough evidence to show the award was incorrect. The kind of arbitration award can be challenged by group in courtroom, particularly at the arbitration position by requesting it to have the adjudication award set aside. This procedure has been outlined clearly in the article 34 of the UNCITRAL.

As outlined in article 36 of the UNCITRAL and the Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Award, if there is an applicant who has already filed some request to a certain court for the approval of the arbitration award, the defendant has the right to challenge this process (Ronny 117). On the other hand, the enforcing and recognizing of an adjudication award stands a position of being rejected based on the state’s public policy.

That is; the state possesses the power to deny the execution of and the arbitration award in case it is seen to bring threat to the state's understanding of public policy. Therefore, the entire process of arbitration can decline to foster an award on the based on the public policy. Similar to the New York Convention the national legislation does not accept an arbitral awards that violates p

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