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Meaning and Importance of Anzac Day legend Essay

Meaning and Importance of Anzac Day legend Essay


Anzac Day


According to the concept of social imagination, there exists a vivid awareness of the link between experience and the society at large. Therefore, it is an approach that attempts to elaborate the nature of sociology and determines the relevance it has in life. Usually, four structures are commonly used to establish this link from a social imagination perspective. These structures include the historical, cultural, critical and the structural factors. In this context, the paper intends to analyze a national a day termed as the Anzac Day (ANZAC Day, 2016). In considering that the national day is based on a particular thing that makes the Australians and New Zealanders commemorate it. The paper aims at explaining the significance of Anzac Day and analyzing it from a social imagination perspective.

Overview of Anzac Day

First, the Anzac day falls under the national day category of celebrations. It is a national day particularly in Australia and New Zealand. It commemorates all the New Zealanders and Australians who died as they committed their lives and succumbed to the wars and the conflicts that aimed at restoring peace. It is celebrated on an annual basis on the 25th of April (Coleridge, 2012). It has a historical significance since it was initially used to commemorate and honor the troops from New Zealand and Australian Army Corps who participated in the Gallipoli war.                

Historical factor

The Anzac day, every year, comes around, attracting the ever increasing number of people in Australia and New Zealand. The young people continue to remember the participation of the young people who attempted to liberate the nations from the captivity and lack of peace. The day signifies explicit commitment by the youth of today whose mandate seems to oscillate around liberating and facilitating sobriety in the society. through the history of the war that led to the death of very many well-wishers in the context of finding peace, the current generation of the youths feels the need to continue the war, though now through the establishment of systems that will never allow the country to go back to the dark times. Further, the people of both countries remember the need to embrace oneness especially in the context of acknowledging the need to reinforce morality in the society.     

Cultural factor               

Initially, during the war that is commemorated during the Anzac day, there was a predominant conduct individualism and intensive oppression amongst the people. The culture during the period was engulfed by the use of force where military operations had to restore order amongst the people. However, from a cultural perspective, a series of issues have emerged. Particularly, the day reminds the society of the need to embrace nationalism culture. The culture is reinforced by a series of subcultures such as morality (Coleridge, 2012). Further, it incorporates the need to incorporate public argument as opposed to the public reasoning that was embraced and led to the war. The current mode of life in the society, as a result of this day, has made frantic attempts to embrace a realm or molarity and an expression of solidarity amongst the people. Particularly, these cultures and subcultures are recorded to have an implication on the current level of solidarity amongst the people. The cultures are applicable in the economic, political and social context of the nations.

Structural factors

There was a series of issues that resulted in the social-political unrest that resulted from denied peace and sovereignty amongst the Australians. The country had been denied its entitlement, especially after the First World War. That meant that the country would have resulted in a situation where the national identity was completely forged. However, ample victory is attributed to this day. Several structure entities have been restored. First, the entity of democracy as a unit of national identity. Secondly, the political structure has been refined to such an extent that the entire population feels the need to embrace peaceful, loyal, and fair and mate-ship affiliated systems. As such, whenever the people of these sovereign countries are commemorating the day, some amongst the issues that they contemplate on include the need to avoid any incidences that would disrupt the current political democratic structure and the zeal displayed by the youthful members in the context of leadership.   

Critical factor

From an analytical perspective, the current state of the country may not be perfect. However, there is a significant difference between the current and the historical state when the events commemorated on this day occurred. First, the sacrifice of the youthful personnel in the history of Australia and New Zealand has influence the current state of events. Thus, people just remember and feel the impact of the day from history and even from the veterans who still are surviving. However, it would have been different today if the people did not sacrifice their lives for the betterment of the society. From an individualized perspective, it is clear that an excellent future is related to a past of sacrifices and commitments. Thus, it is indisputable that I have to engage with issues that could deter future success in the contemporary times to expect a fruitful future.


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