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Anti-Trust Essay


Dominant players in the healthcare industry often opine that it bears unique traits which make submission to conventional anti-trust tenets unfavorable to the general society. As a result, numerous cases of this nature often exhibit variances in the judgments passed in lower courts. Gu (2018), provides that a significant player in the North Dakota healthcare system, Sanford Health sought to merge with the Mid Dakota Clinic to which the Federal Trade Commission intervened and gained access to a court injunction halting the acquisition. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is mandated to fully implement antitrust legislations with respect to the huge American healthcare sector (Dafny, 2014). Such laws are primarily designed to curtail any possibility of a particular entity monopolizing aspects of the healthcare sector which often leads inefficient scales, rising care costs, less value from insurer arrangements due to diminished quality service.

Merger and acquisition activity within the healthcare industry have notably increased in the last two decades. The FTC continues to pledge greater vigilance against hospital mergers as these are often designed to limit the local options patients have for affordable care costs, enhanced, efficient, and qualified care coordination (Dafny, 2014). In June 2017, FTC acted on information concerning the adverse effects that a merger between two key played in the North Dakota health industry would have on the larger community. The two institutions are the nearest hospices serving a populace of about 125,000 people (Gu, 2018). FTC’s complaint outlined that the intended merger sought to diminish

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