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Examine the annual report of an organization essay

Examine the annual report of an organization essay

Examine the annual report of an organization

Annual reports

Annual reports of a business deliver data on the status of the organization to stakeholders, shareholders, community, and the media. They are utilized to point out the achievement level of a firm in the previous years. It highlights financial performance, honours awarded, sales increase, and market share gains as well as productivity and profitability increase (Bog, 2015). The achievement reports help to encourage the stakeholders and shareholders in the company participation. They serve as the marketing instrument of the firm through inclusion positive narrative about the company.

Data flow from transaction processing systems to help monitor the factors in annual reports

The formulation of annual reports in a business requires efficient data management. The business needs to install a technology that capture, process/analyse and record the transactions. The firm would use the transaction processing system to produce annual reports based on various types of data elements (Hameurlain, Küng, Wagner, Cuzzocrea & Dayal, (Eds.). 2013). The system would contain computer software and hardware holding a transaction-based application that conducts the daily transaction needed to operate the business. For instance, it would handle data emanating from customer reservations, order entry, sales, employee records and payroll (Bog, 2015).

Essentially, the business would use both the online mode and batch mode in the process of transactions. Online processing mode would help in handling data instantly upon entry. It is beneficial because it usually up to date. On the other hand, batch transaction processing depends on accruing transaction information for a particular time before processing into a b

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