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Anna Stafford Henrique


Anna Stafford Henriques was a famous mathematician in Chicago. She was among the first two women to graduate from the University of Chicago in 1933. She studied with worlds famous scientists at the famous Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton. Her main contributions as a mathematician are evident in her efforts while in the teaching profession in the mathematics department in the University of Utah and different secondary schools before she got employment contracts. She was a pioneer mathematician professor from 1933 and a founding member in the mathematics faculty in different institutions. She helped form mathematics clubs in schools as well as being the chairperson for a national council for mathematics.


Anna, the great mathematician, became famous due to her love for mathematics during the period 1933 through the year 1971 when she retired her great contributions in mathematics is being appreciated over years. She began by joining the New Institute for Advanced Studies as pioneer mathematics besides other great mathematicians Mayme Logsdon, Mabul Scheiprof, P.A.M Dirac and Albert Einstein.  Some of the motivating books during her time included Analysis Situs -Oshwald Velm (1922). During her time, she suffered depression as she worked towards raising her siblings and her social life. Since she missed out schools accommodation facilities for the teachers and lecturers she organized for private classes to help her manage her depression in life


Anna Stafford Henriques was born on 20th august 1905 in Chicago. She was the firstborn daughter in their family with four brothers and a sister. Her father was a manager at a pickle factory. In 1919, She was orphaned when both of her parents passed away leaving her helplessly since she was just fourteen. She was heartbroken by the loss but upon achieving high scores in geometry and arithmetic (Judy Green, 2004). She knew could make it to a mathematician hence make her ends meet. She helped raising up her siblings four brothers and a sister before she joined college. After the death of their parents, they moved on to stay with their fathers sister and their family in St. Loise and later in Chicago Her passion for mathematics was influenced by her mother who loved mathematics too and had great interest in it. By the time she was fourteen, Anna knew her career would revolve around mathematics or astronomy (Whidden, 200

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