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Animal Testing Essay

Animal Testing


Through out the 20th Century, many people’s lives have been salvaged as a result of research work justified through animal testing. Human beings are mammalian organisms and as such share numerous biological characteristics with other mammalian animals. Mice and more so, primates have been used over the past few decades to ascertain the responsiveness of certain drugs in human beings (SOT Animals in Research Public Policy Statement, 2006). This has come to bring about justifiable health outcomes to human beings who would have otherwise suffered adverse health outcomes. This paper seeks to champion the use of laboratory animals towards the sustenance of human life, animal life as well as the protection of our immediate environment.

Humanity is known for its ingenuity to such a degree that much of what man sees today has been as a result of the creative enterprises by fellow men (SOT Animals in Research Public Policy Statement, 2006). Some remarkable scientists such as Marie Curie worked under highly toxic conditions just to uplift the living standards of fellow human beings. It is important to note that iconic individuals such as Marie Curie did so with the sole aim of uplifting the living standards of other men and women. She and other scientists were successful in doing so but suffered serious consequences as a result. She and other scientists lost their lives for the good of human and scientific

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