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Analyzing Body Language Essay

Analyzing Body Language Essay

Analyzing Body Language

Step 1

Nonverbal communications often extend honest revelations about what a person is feeling concerning the conversation at hand. There are moments where one party may not want the other to accurately understand their perceptions on a particular subject (Ellis & Beattie, 2017). However, through a careful analysis of body language, it is possible to know whether or not an individual is avoiding emotional leakage.

Step 2

The table below represents my interpretation of body movements and their actual meaning after engaging in a lengthy but official conversation with a friend who is also a treasurer in a book club of which am the chairperson.

Body Movement My Interpretation of Body Movement Actual Meaning of Body Movement.


Closed handshake Signifying a warm introduction before our conversation began. Giving control (Kar & Kar, 2017).
Rubbing hands Feeling chilly or cold. Indicative of positive expectations from a conversation (Kar & Kar, 2017).
Clenched hands placed on the laps.

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