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Analysis of the Lottery Essay

Analysis of the Lottery Essay

Analysis of the Lottery

The author Shirley Jackson published the short story titled “The Lottery” in 1948. The story revolves around events leading to and witnessed in a well known lottery conducted in a small village of less than three hundred people. On the early morning of June the 27th, the entire village awoke to a fresh and radiant summer day waiting for the outcome of the lottery (Jackson 1). The lottery was held on June the 27th at about ten O’clock so as to allow villagers to go back home and carry on with their daily routines. The lottery is considered a very significant communal event which every able bodied villager man, woman or child seeks to attend without fail. This paper seeks to analyze the short story, “The Lottery” by discussing characters, plot development and symbolism applied in the narrative.

“The Lottery” is a story revolving around a small village whose population has grown to over three hundred inhabitants who continue to hold onto an old tradition. The story contains many characters, from young boys, to village women and knowledgeable old men. Mr. Summers, the main character, a prominent member in the community is represented as a villager with much ample time to devote to civic events (Jackson 2). He is referred to as a well

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