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An organization’s security plan Essay

An organization’s security plan Essay

An organization’s security plan

A security plan entails the development of security procedures and instituting proper controls that minimize the eventuality of a perceived computer risk taking place. Security planning is crucial for an organization to protect its data. Data in an information technology system is at risk from a number of causes (Benson, 2000). Network users can institute errors either based on malicious or non malicious reasons. In the event of an accident, an external entity may infiltrate the system hindering the normal process of a system. It is prudent to have a system plan to mitigate the core features of data which are discretion, reliability and accessibility (Benson, 2000).

Discretion of data is important for the security of the organizations hierarchy. Security plans are important in ensuring that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands. Discretion of data also helps in ensuring data that is to be availed at particular time intervals is released in the appropriate manner.

Reliability of sensitive information being true to fact at all times is a very important consideration in security planning. This ensures that only the authorized personnel have access to this data. Ensures that data is continually verified to minimize unpredicted or unintentional alterations do not occur, are recognized early and are prevented from recurring (Benson, 2000).

The organization requires that the information technology system has the appropriate data at the required time. The

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