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An Ethical Problem in My Life Right Now

An Ethical Problem in My Life Right Now

An Ethical Problem in My Life Right Now

School versus employment

As a young person, I am challenged by the dilemma to continue working versus pursuing my academic dreams. Since I graduated from high school, I secured an employment with one of the financial bank in the city as a cashier. I had passed very well in my exams and I have the opportunity to join Harvard University to pursue Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

However, I am right now in a dilemma of whether to continue with my current employment or join the University. I come from a humble background and I need to support my parent who is a single mother. My mother is also asthmatic and requires huge medical cost. This is because her medications are beyond the financial capacity of my family.

I am also required to support my younger brother and sister who are in high school. I am aware that without proper certification, my dreams of ever becoming a financial professional are uncertain. On the other hand, if I join Harvard University, my mother, brother and sister will be in great financial difficulties. This has presented an ethical problem either to continue working as a non-professional employee or to pursue my higher education. In my current job status I am not employed permanently hence, I do not have security of tenure.

Contrary education is a wiser investment. It can make me intelligent and smart. Moreover, it will help me to develop my career. For example, my degree in Business administration will help me to earn money by applying my managerial skills. However, my mother and siblings are in dire need of finances, which I am providing through my current employment. I hardly get enough money to save or to invest. With education, I feel that it can get more money in the future that can help me to invest. Further, I feel that if I acquire adequate education I can find a new interesting job and even increase my income.

With sufficient education, I can secure a bright future I feel that if I can continue working without adequate education, I will increase the risk of losing it in near future due to incompetency. The management is allocating many assignments hence I have a huge workload. I think that schooling will broaden my financial perspective. Notwithstanding, the process of acquiring higher education will take a lot of time.

Therefore, I feel that I will suffer for a long time before I am able to provide adequately to my parents. My mother also deserves someone to stay close to her because of home based care she is receiving. Therefore, I feel that if

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