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American National Security Essay

American National Security Essay

American National Security

No one expected the world’s only super power’s democratic presidential elections to suffer outside interference to the effect that they now appear inherently undemocratic. Many of the country’s national security agencies continue to look into the allegations that President Trump won the elections on the back of massive intrusions into the electioneering process by Russian backed cyber intruders. The more disturbing fact is that the presidency seems oblivious of the far reaching implications such unresolved allegations bear on the country’s political atmosphere. According to Mathew Rosenberg, there is a considerable degree of dissent amongst intelligence agencies in America concerning President Trump’s poor handling of the situation (Para. 2). This paper seeks to discuss the lackluster handling of the US presidential elections interference claims by the Trump administration while also highlighting two competing solutions to the issue. It will evaluate the more preferable of the two solutions while also differentiating on the different roles played by the judiciary, executive and legislature on the matter as well as the federal, state and county governments.

Rosenberg provides that in the president’s recent v

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