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American Literature

American Literature

Part One

From 1860 to 1912, two major literary periods of American literature met. Significant trends in the time included regionalism where authors captured developments in the growing nation, differences in beliefs systems, customs, landscapes as well as speech. The book, The Squatter and the Don illustrates how regionalism was applied. It provides that westward expansion into new states like California attracted squatters as the gold rush attracted numerous prospectors to these regions. Similarly, plans for the railway line to the western frontiers drove up land prices. During this time, the literary works of Realism authors like Mark Twain roused divisions between the North and South on the basis of the antislavery issue (Levine et al. 308). The Civil War ended with new social, economic, and political developments transforming American literature. Capitalist industrialization, urbanization in the northern states, and reconstruction attracted shiploads of immigrants thereby transforming the social landscape in unique ways as noted by Jane Adams (Levine et al. 1180). Immigrants from Asia and Europe flooded the U.S. in search for a better life which was hard to come by for very many of them.

Authors of America’s realistic Period presented life in the true grit of re

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