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Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund essay

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund essay


Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund

    The major problem identified by the organization is the social injustice that was and is perpetrated against the Asian Americans. The organization stipulates that the Asian Americans are frequently victims of ethnic and racial profiling (AALDEF, 2016). For instance, the Asians are said to be mishandled by the police. That includes being trafficked. They are also denied their rights to vote, as well as, their civil participation. The organization uses video clips as the source of evidence. In term of providing ethos, the website uses the video clips and the images of people protesting against the same wrongs it has claimed to face the Asian-Americans.

The evidence provided by the organization is credible. First, a video clip cannot be alternated to an extent that it communicates the wrong information. Further, the video and photos can be dated hence exemplify the credibility of evidence.  (AALDEF, 2016). 

The creator of the organization attempts to invoke the tolerance and aversion amongst the Asian American community and other interested stakeholders who believe in equality amongst all ethnic and racial groups. The creator expresses the extent in which the Asian-Americans have tolerated the injustice. The wrath is expressed in the context of requiring people to disregard any policies that support racial profiling. The author attempts to do this by ensuring that he gives a historical account of injustices and expresses the wrath of the people regarding the social issue. Statistical evidence, as well as, detailed evidence of incidences could make the pathos more effective.

There are myriad ways through which the organization seeks to establish trust with the audience and even establish its credibility. In this context, the organization tends to be the organization in question. The organization exposes its contacts and address to the public to ascertain that it is taking a justified course in seeking justice for the Asian- Americans. The audience also trusts the organization especially in consideration to the fact that it accepts to display the cumulative number of volunteers it has. It also confirms that it gets financial support from foundations (AALDEF, 2016). The audience could find it trustworthy if any organization accepts to credit its source of funding. That exemplifies that it operates in a justified course.

Regarding the ethos, there are two examples regarding the issue of trust include the fact that it gives its physical location (99 Hudson St, 12th FL New York,) s in case anyone wants to ascertain its operational status. The online videos of the universally are also a justification means of ascertaining that the course of the organization is rational. Arguably, the ethos is effective. However, it could be additionally effective if the organization provided an account of experiences rather than just providing an overview of the organization, the stakeholders and what motivates them without giving timely evidence of these injustices. That could be in the videos, photos, and memo forms.

    In consideration of all the factors analyzed in this context, the website performs averagely regarding convincing the audience about the issues faced by Asian-Americans. The reason for this inference is that the details provided by the websites are very limited to an extent that the audience that would find much of the information to be credible are those who either experience or see others experiencing the social injustices addressed. However, the news section has attempted to raise the bar for the organization concerning credibility.

Besides the narrations of the organization’s history, the news section and the few video clips, the website requires improving the way it establishes its facts and arguments statistically. Further, the website should avoid limiting the information it provides to the audience if it is relevant to increase its credibility. Increased disclosure is important for the organization especially because it is the nature of the information provided that attracts relevant stakeholders to join it.


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