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American History Changes In 1950s

American History Changes In 1950s


Question one

a historical perspective, the GI Bill of Rights was enacted to provide a
variety of benefits to the returning war veterans of the World War II. They
were commonly known as the GIs. Examples of these benefits included the reduced
costs on mortgages, cash payments for tuition and living expenditure to assist
them and their families to have an education, reduced interest loans for
starting businesses and a one-year compensation.

the Bill facilitated the intensive investment in the education and training
sector. Billions of Dollars were used to change the society by ensuring that
the veterans had a basis from which they would start their lives after
returning from the war. The move was more of a social and economic one. Also,
the Bill facilitated the growth of the American Middle-Class people. Their
living standards were improved meaning that the many Americans could access a
job, own a home or have an education (Foner 933). Regarding compensation, all the
members of the veteran society who have served in the war for more than 90 days
got the opportunity to learn and compensation for the income lost for having
been enrolled into military operations from their civilian livelihood. 

American had changed in the 1950s

each veteran had a differentiated value of benefits with regards to the time
spent in the war and the magnitude of injury sustained. By the 1950’s the
American society had started to restructure. Further, the s

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