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American Government Essay

American Government

Full Faith and Credit

Given that the U.S. is in essence an assembly of distinct states, the authors of its Constitution understood the need to have strongly unifying themes. One of these is the Full Faith and Credit clause as provided for in Article IV, section 1, of its Constitution (O'Connor, 2017). It expressly directs the different states to fully and faithfully appreciate judicial decision, public records as well as legislative acts upheld by every other individual state within U.S. borderlines. This implies that decisions of a judicial nature passes by courts in a particular state ought not only be recognized but also honored in all other states (O'Connor, 2017). The vision of the clause was to prevent ensure that persons do not move to other state territories in an attempt to run away from the enforcement of judgment. It also caps the possibility of a party seeking re-litigation on an issue already determined elsewhere also known as forum shopping.

The Full Faith and Credit clause protects the political and civil rights of American minorities. In this context, the term minorities is not limited to race but also encompasses LGBT groups, women, and the disabled. There is a notable social and political interest on the issue of homosexuality in the U.S. For instance, municipalities as well as states have passed legislations prohibiting all forms of discrimination relative to an individual’s sexual orientation (Erickson, 2015). The Supreme Court in 2003 also rubbished state laws which considered acts of sodomy as punishable criminal offenses thereby retreating from an earlier decision (Erickson, 2015). However, there are challenges towards ensuring LGBT persons are within their civil rights to marry. The Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 allowed states to opt whether to acknowledge same-sex unions as constitutional or not thereby contravening the Full Faith and Credit clause (Erickson, 2015). Therefore, in states such as Vermont which have allowed civil unions for these minority groups may find its resident being discriminated upon in another state which considers it illegal.

Iron Triangle

There are persons and corporations that seem to bear a direct influence on how government dispenses its obligations. The iron triangle also referred to as sub government involves congressional subcommittee members, agency bureaucrats, and interest groups working in tandem in the formulation of requisite government poli

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