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American government Essay

American government

George Washington Plunkitt was born and raised in Central Park. In his earlier years, he worked as a cart driver; then moved on to be a butcher’s apprentice and later went in to the butchery business in the Washington market (Riordon, 2001/1963). He is recognized as one of the most able practical politics philosophers of the 19th century America in his day. He went on to become senator in the New York assembly and many other public office tenures in Tammany Hall. With the district’s land, earmarked for civil projects was in his name, he made modest returns on his investments (Riordon, 2001/1963). Through what he considered as honest graft, he became a very wealthy politician. He was of the view that there was honest and dishonest graft. Dishonest graft in his opinion included misappropriation of funds in the municipality’s treasury and that his was purely honest graft (Riordon, 2001/1963).

While at Tammany Hall, Plunkitt became wealthy through the political machine at the time by practicing what he referred top as honest graft. According to Plunkitt, the American government was always ready to offer basic services through civil authorities in the many municipalities (Riordon, 2001/1963). What he referred to as honest graft was his inside knowledge of the plans of the American government. As such, he took the opportunity to purchase tracts of land, which at the time, idle. He purchased such pieces of land and when civil development plans were ready, he had the assets. As such, he always had some advantage on the future development of New York as envisioned by the American government (Riordon, 2001/1963).

With the neighborhood’s development land earmarked for civil projects in his possession, he made modest returns on his investments dealing with the American government. He was of the view that there was hones and dishonest graft. Dishonest graft in his opinion included those who took off funds from the municipality’s treasury (Riordon, 2001/1963). Plunkitt served for only one term as a senator as the public concluded that men at Tammany Hall were wealthy because of dishonest graft. Tammany’s political machine was able to propel many developmental projects that enhanced the status of New York as a political and economic hub (Riordon, 2001/1963).

George Washington Plunkitt played an important role in mentoring the future political landscape of Tammany Hall. In his speech on how to make a states man, Plunkitt narrated on how he solicited only two votes and with that he approached the District leader (Riordon, 2001/1963). With two votes and getting straight to the point he was granted the go ahead. Systematically he managed to command a following that resulted in

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