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The American Dream Free Essay Example

The American Dream Free Essay Example



Most of the states in the contemporary society have the hopes of achieving various targets, objectives, vision, missions and goals in the near future or have already accomplished the earlier set objectives, goals and targets. Moreover, most states are optimistic that they would strive to create the favorable environments for the benefit of their current and future generations. This is, for example, creating environments that uphold democracy, respects and protect the rights of individuals and preaching peace in order to avoid scenarios of war that in the long run results in mass killing of innocent individuals. This paper pays high attention to the critical thinking of American dream that was set since the Second World War and how history has contributed to the understanding of the American dream.

The American dream aimed at creating a generation that is capable of relocating themselves in the world that they the latter found themselves in and try to learn how to understand and change it. For example, in the midst of the 18th century, American was dictated by wars, migration and economic instabilities and thus, after which the latter hoped the coming generation to be free from these wars, migrations and economic instabilities for their own benefit (Rudnick, Smith & Rubin, 2005).

Moreover, with the historical context and the interpretation of the changing cultural movements since the Second World War, the American dream believes that the current generation would manage to create their histories to their families in their old ages outlining the great achievements that they had attained in their life.

These achievements would be made possible by their determination to follow the past American iconic figures such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King junior, Bruce Springsteen and less iconic figures such as the Jack Agueros, Bharati Mukherjee among others. In addition, the American dream believes its citizens to be identified by inner driving force of unity, creating public persona and choosing an affiliation and externally be driven by gender positions that they are born in, class, race and social authority (Rudnick, Smith & Rubin, 2005).

Additionally, the American dream hoped that the future generation would uphold justice in courts of law that in contrast from what it used to be a tradition in the past generations. In these past generations, most of the innocent individuals were being imprisoned without trial. Moreover, the new generation in American was to be dissents of the social and political injustices just like most of their founders in the past generations (Young, 2008). The history and the sufferings of their forefathers should be the motivating force in ensuring justice rules their nation for their own benefit and to that of their future generations.

In addition, dissent and protest were the heartbeats of the American from the initial days of settlement up to date. Dissenters like Martin Luther King, Brooker, Ralph Nader and others fought to protect the rights that they believed that they were being denied to them, or to others or they disagreed with the mode of governance or the majority opinion.

These dissenters acted as watchdogs in ensuring their rights are respected, or ensuring that the rights of other individuals were not violated by individuals in high government positions. These dissenters used to frame their messages in the form of speeches, letters, songs, testimonies, articles among others in order to in order to convey their messages to the government in areas that human rights have been violated.

Through their speeches, songs, letters and articles, the present generation can see the far that their country have come from and are inspired to be the current watchdogs in mobilizing the government to upheld the rights of every individual. Moreover, through these dissenters in America, the current generation is encouraged that the real heroes are not the presidents, generals or the industrialists, but the true heroes are those individuals who speak the truth to power, observe and uphold the rights of every individual in America (Young, 2008).

The dissenters also resisted the gender inequalities in America that ruled the latter to high extents. Women and African-Americans were being treated as lesser human beings compared to men. Women were being denied their rights of participating in general elections, vie in government jobs and the few who managed to secure such posts were highly ridiculed by men.

On the other hand, African-Americans were being despised, abused, and discriminated in various situations such as schools, hospitals and others. Adverse business such as the slave trade was common, and this belittled these human beings to a large extent (Washington post, 2013). Currently, this dream of curbing these vices has been achieved as most women occupy big positions in power and slave trade in nowadays a history.


It is, therefore, attested that most of the American dreams have been currently realized, and the modern America is entirely different from the America that existed years back. Democracy is upheld in the governance, the rights of individuals are respected and observed, and the state is united, peaceful and a conducive state to live in it. The old American generation strived to advocate for the vices that were being practiced and their efforts have contributed to numerous benefits to the current generation. The current generation is, therefore, obliged to maintain these efforts for the betterment of their future generations.


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