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American Competitiveness in the Global Manufacturing Environment Essay

American Competitiveness in the Global Manufacturing Environment Essay

American Competitiveness in the Global Manufacturing Environment


It appears that the U.S. faces new economic challenges every few years. However, the present situation is unique in that it is a matter that looks to a global issue but requiring national solutions. New and old rivals are now more than ever keen on taking up positions previously held by American manufacturing firms on the international market environment (Bonvillian & Singer, 2018). These economies have placed great emphasis in terms of infrastructure and capital investment in scientific education and research that presently rivals that of the U.S. The birth of internet and its subsequent development championed by the digital revolution proceeds onwards in introducing international competiveness for wide ranging manufacturing industries which America once authoritatively commanded (Bonvillian & Singer, 2018). America has always emerged victorious in the wake of massive challenges that erupted in years past. On this note, this paper seeks to present for recommendations trough which it can transform domestic parameters to improves manufacturing industry competitiveness on the global arena.

Background of the Problem
A few decades ago, economies offering low wage rates attracted international manufacturing entities from developed economies to invest in such nations. The unforeseen outcome was that massive foreign direct investments from the huge multinationals stimulated economic growth within the host countries (Brennan et al., 2015). They also benefited from improved trade relations with nations like the U.S as well as trading blocs like the EU resulting in gradual but consistent rise in domestic costs. The primary advantage of low labor costs have thus diminished requiring a rethinking of previous outsourcing strategies in favor of re-shoring (Brennan et al., 2015). Countries like China have benefited greatly from outsourcing (Kotabe & Murray, 2018). This made Chinese manufacturing capacities strong enough to assure quality, delivery and shipping costs, management control, and nearness to customer markets that rival those of major U.S. manufacturing industries.

The U.S. remains one of the largest and most diverse markets for high quality products. Many international firms that once depended on overseas destinations by reason of lower labor costs are coming to terms with this reality (Pearce II, 2014). These massive revelations notable underscore the notion that the issues of America’s competitiveness on the global stage in the wake of increased competition from nations like China for the Ame

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