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Alternative Ending Portfolio Essay

Alternative Ending Portfolio Essay

Alternative Ending Portfolio

Part One

Question 1

Cuff my hands and take me with you lest the beating heart pound my physical being into a lumpy, bloody pulp.

Question 2

The short narrative is powerful in the manner it explores a variety of themes through textual details that reveal guilt, obsession, insanity, and tension. The author employs literary and stylistic devices that prove the presence of these attributes. For instance, symbolism as a stylistic device allows the reader to gain an understanding of how the narrator bears opinions concerning the old man with whom they share the same abode. A good instance where symbolism is employed appertains to the “evil eye” (1). The narrator’s fascination with this particular organ is indicative of insanity that supersedes great paranoia. He believes that the eye has the capacity to see right through into his thoughts thus the urgency to get rid of it. Such penetration from the old man’s eye’s

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