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Almost Maine Essay

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This is a play written by John Cariani, who is a successful actor and playwright. The play basically presents the viewer with a very different approach of life as apposed to what Americans would expect to see. The play is set in a small town in the far flung New England state and revolves around the simple but magical lives of the small town residents (Martin & Dana, 2008). Unlike most plays set in a rural backdrop, Almost, Maine depicts its residents as decent human beings seeking love connections in a very vast and lonely location that is Pine tree state. These residents are smart, true to themselves and to others, disregard cynicism, are quite intelligent and most of all tend to wonder about why things are the way that they appear or seem to be (Martin & Dana, 2008).

The play Almost, Maine is set on diverse locations and the geographical location of the town actually does not exist. In essence, the kinds of characters depicted in this play are a loose conglomeration of the real people and real places the playwright experienced while as a growing boy in Maine (Martin & Dana, 2008). This scenic and imaginary place with its make believe population promotes the ideal features in which the playwright John Cariani presents his impressions of the town folk’s lives where wonders are most likely to happen.

The town is wittily name

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