All Dissertations must be prepared and submitted in electronic format (electronic mail attachment). - Essay Prowess

All Dissertations must be prepared and submitted in electronic format (electronic mail attachment).

All Dissertations must be prepared and submitted in electronic format (electronic mail attachment).


Electronic filing

All Dissertations must be prepared and submitted in electronic format (electronic mail attachment).

Dissertation must be submitted in the original size (without compressing), unless your electronic mail server has restrictions for the size of files.

Dissertation must be submitted as one file attachment to the electronic mail.

DOC (also called “Word” or “document” formats) or PDF formats are the only acceptable forms.


Size of Dissertation is 150 pages in length and not exceeding 300 pages; excluding table of contents, lists, tables, pictures, graphs, exhibits and lists of literature. Reasonable variations will be accepted on case-by-case basis. Content lists, tables, pictures, graphs, exhibits and lists of literature must not be counted as required lowest page limit for Dissertation.

Dissertation arrangement

Title page Copyright page


Table of Contents [include list of Figures, list of Illustrations, list of other Files] Text of the Dissertation

Concluding Statement

Appendix (presentation of supplementary materials used in your work)


Dissertation pages must be numbered.

Font: Times New Roman 12

Dissertation must be 1.5-spaced. Single spacing must be used for footnotes, endnotes, charts, graphs, glossary, appendices, and bibliography.

3/4 to 1 inch on all sides (approximately 2 – 2.5 centimeters). Margins can be lesser, but not larger.

In-text citations must be clearly identified by APA 6th edition. This means all in-text citations are required to have Author, year, page number. For example, (Huxley, 2014, pg.3)

Dissertation must be divided into appropriate sections and parts, such as general divisions of the      main subjects, chapters and subchapters/subdivisions.

You must indicate your Copyright Notice: © Year, Author’s Name (Your Name). All rights reserved.

Literature and other educational materials

Can use textbooks, use library selections, books on the Internet in digital format, use information relevant for studies/research from different trusted sources on the Internet and electronic libraries Almost nothing can be turned down if verification due diligence has been followed.

Ask yourself these questions:

“What is your argument (or arguments)? “What you are trying to prove?”

“What you are trying to dispute?” “What you are trying to defend?” “What are your challenges?”

“What argument have you presented in your work?”

If your answer is negative to all questions, in such case, you do not have a Dissertation. If you are simply re-stating information written by other people without adding your own research and arguments defending your position, this is not a Dissertation. The word “Research” also has no meaning that you must personally perform all research manipulations because you can perform a research based on the examination and evaluation of the work already performed by other researchers and scientists.

Dissertation must be fully comprehensible and correctly presented. The document must be presented in such a way that a regular listener or reader must be able to understand what you are trying to tell (no specialized and/or unknown terminology, no jargon, and no extensive or complicated abbreviations).

You must present clear and relevant discussions associated with your hypothesis, arguments and conclusions.

You must present your own arguments regarding your position.

Logic of your arguments must be obvious and must show scientific intelligence and common sense.

A Dissertation is an independent project of each person; we cannot put any words into your Dissertation and we cannot tell what to write in your Dissertation. At the same time we are examining your work and we cannot accept something that is not showing common characteristics of a diligently prepared Dissertation.