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Algebra History Essay

Algebra History Essay


Algebra is a crucial element of mathematics that enables one to find out and understand something. It refers to several components of ideas and methods of mathematics that are related to construction of symbols formally or obtaining the answer to an equation. It makes use of letters to act as numbers in equations and formulas. The word algebra based on the Arabic language literally implies the re-joining of the parts that are separated (Dieudonné 6).

The history of algebra dates back in early Babylon and Egypt where people learned to find solutions to the problems which today are solved by use of equations. This earliest method of finding solutions to problems later lived in early Islamic region, where it was al- jabru (an Arab word meaning restoration). The 9th century saw a mathematician from Egypt known as Abu Kamil stated, proved ordinary rules and characters of algebra, and solved technical problems (Dieudonné 12). Algebraic expressions were written by early civilizations by use of abbreviations only, but Islamic experts of mathematics later expressed high supremacies of the unidentified

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