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Alcohol Drinking Age Essay

Should the alcohol drinking age be increased or decreased?
Legal age limits present significant queries given that at age 18 one is guaranteed of the right to vote yet in some states, the minimum age limit for alcohol consumption stands at age 21. The outcome is a bone of contention occurring among different quotas of the American public with some supporting an increase in the minimum legal drinking age while others supporting its decrease. As Glaser (para 5) provides, 18 years old persons within the U.S. not only bear the right to vote but can also legally get married, enlist for military services as well as purchase firearms. This implies that such persons have the capacity by reason of age to defend country, elect political leaders, and serve as jury members. Increasing the age limit for legal drinking suggests that although persons aged 18 years can perform many nation building activities, they are unable to control own appetites. From the public health perspective, keeping the minimum legal drinking age as low as possible goes a long way in decreasing alcohol related fatalities like drunk driving, other accidents, liver cirrhosis, and vast arrays of related violent behaviours (Lopes para 9). Given that lowering minimum legal drinking age exposes more people to alcohol related public health concerns, it is necessary to ensures as many young people abstain from alcohol use as possible.
As a culturally diverse society, America finds it difficult to accurately limit the number of persons consuming alcohol before they reach the legal minimum age. According to Griggs, the fact that alcohol is made illegal up until the age of 21 in some American states has resulted in the forbidden fruit syndrome (para 9). This means that imbibing alcohol illegally has made it a cultural fad strongly embraced by the American youth. Griggs suggests embracing cultural norms common in the European countries of Italy and France where children are introduced to small amounts of alcohol as they grow up (para 3). This translates i

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