Agricultural marketing - Essay Prowess

Agricultural marketing

The lab writing assignments are divided up as follows with points and due dates.

I. Extended Outline (100pts, Due 2/10/16)?The extended outline will describe in some detail (short sentences and bullet points) the structure of your class project paper. It will provide a description of the problem/issue you are addressing, background information on the issue, discussion of appropriate economic/marketing theory that addresses the issue, your analysis using those tools, and a conclusion/recommendation. The exact structure is up to you, but should explicitly include these elements in the paper.

II. Literature Review (100pts, Due 3/10/16)?The literature review will provide a written synthesis of the scientific literature relating to the issue you are addressing. What information already exists?how did people analyze/frame the issue you are addressing?what conflicting findings exist on the subject?

III. Appropriate Economic Tools (100pts, Due 4/7/16)?This assignment will identify the appropriate economic methods/theories that apply to your problem. Graphical analysis, data, and conceptual arguments should be articulated here.

IV. Final Paper (800pts, Due 5/9/16)?The final paper will flesh out your extended outline into a full paper using much of the information in your previous papers. This is simply not ?cutting and pasting? the previous sections. Those were to help you collect your thoughts, data, arguments, etc. However, there will be significant overlap between those previous works and this final project.

Topics for Discussion (choose one):

1. 1. Agricultural subsidies have contributed significantly to obesity in the United States.

2. 2. The demand for food attributes (organic, non-GMO, etc.) will continue to grow as incomes grow around the world.

3. 3. Seed industry consolidation is likely to adversely impact agricultural producers.

4. 4. Public investment in trade infrastructure (ports, roads, river systems) will benefit agricultural trade and increase producer prices, on average.

Requirements for final paper.

1. 2,000 word minimum, not including table/chart titles or references/citations. Papers should be in 12pt block font (Times, Cambria, etc.) with 1? margins on all sides.

2. There must be a minimum of 5 scientific references, plus any number of popular press or trade references. References should be MLA style in footnotes. Please refer to a style guide if you are unsure.