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Aggressive Acts Essay

Aggressive Acts

There are numerous reported incidences within contemporary human society that depict aggressive acts. Kathrine Hille published an article on the Financial Times website in which the Russian government condemned strikes on a Syrian airbase by US forces as an act of aggression (2017). Aggression entails the commission of acts intended to cause harm to another individual or group towards which behavior is directed (Krahé, 2013). This essay addresses the issue of aggression as prescribed through the general aggression model in an attempt to explain factors contributing to US behavior against Russian allies in the Syrian conflict.

Hille’s article points out that US behavior towards Russia’s allies came as a result of the suspicion that Syrian forces perpetrated a chemical attack on its own civilians (2017). The Russian foreign ministry decried such allegations providing information that the Syrian army had simply bombed a chemical weapons facility run by terrorists groups in the country. Russian lawmakers pointed out that the subsequent reta

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